Group Reflection #1

Once week two rolled around, I realized that the confusion was building up. I got together with Xander to work on the class prep assignments and we helped each other if there we had any questions. We discussed Gradian and and how each of the two works. We also helped each other understand the purpose of the reading responses.

I benefit a lot from group meet ups and definitely will work with Xander again in the future. I gained a lot of clarity through this collaboration and am happy with the outcome.

About Me

Hey Everyone,

My name is Aline Castro and this is my personal blog. I am currently a freshman at Georgia State University and I am pursuing Nursing as my major.

I love being active and I participate in sports such as tennis, volleyball, and swimming. I also have two cute cats that I miss a lot and when I’m not playing a sport or hanging out with my cats you will always find me watching Netflix.

I am excited to see what GSU has to offer and I hope to survive my freshman year!