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What are the major projects? In a bulleted list, provide links to the project descriptions for each of them.


How will your final grade be calculated?
The final grade will be calculated by submitting work into Gradian. If you complete all four of the projects and other classwork, then you letter grade will be assigned by a number of points you have in Gradian.

What happens if you don’t complete one of the major projects?
You receive an automatic grade of D or lower.

What is Gradian and how do you use it? Embed the Gradian login page below your answer (hint: Google “embed iframe WordPress blog” to find out how).

Embed the course calendar and weekly overview below this question.

Where on the course website can you find an overview of what’s due and the readings for each unit?

You can find out what is due by opening up the calender tab and clicking on the “unit overview”.

Syllabus & Course Info

What is the best way to see an overview of what’s due each week?
By opening up the calender tab and selecting “weekly overview” you are able to view a list of the readings and deliverables for each week.

What is the attendance policy?
Every class is important and students should come to every class. If they miss class then they should make an appointment or drop in during office hours to review what they missed. Unexcused absences will cause students to lose 50 points and arriving late to class with cost students 25-50 points.

What is one way you can lose points?
You can lose points by not arriving on time or at all to class.

What are my office hours, and how do you make an appointment to see one of us outside of class?
Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-10:30am. To make an appointment contact Dr. Wharton by email (

How do you earn participation credit? Provide a link to the instructions/guidelines for participation.

You can earn general participation points by keeping up with class preparation which will also ensure that you stay on track.

Syllabus & Course Info

How many points can you earn by participating in or organizing a study group session?
You will receive 20 points but the instructor reserves the rights to assign more points for quality entries. You also have to be sure to fill out a submisson form for each item you complete for extra points.

How can you be assured of earning an “A” in this course?
Once you complete all of the major projects and class prep, and accrue 5,985 points, you will receive an automatic A for the course.

What are the minimum requirements for earning a passing grade of “C”?
By completing and earning the minimum points for the major projects, complete all test prep, and attend every class, you will earn at least 2,200 points and a grade of a C.

What do you do if you’re not sure how to document your participation in order to earn points?

Be sure to fill out a “submission form” for each item you complete for extra points. If work doesn’t automatically get counted then let the instructor know. You will write up your work as a blog post and submit the link to your post via the submission form, or submitting a link to the exercises in the Writer’s Help. If you ever have questions about what kind of evidence you need to provide to document you participation and how to submit it, stop by during office hours or ask the question before class.

What are the Unit 1 readings and which one is your group assigned to focus on for the Unit 1 Reading Response?

The unit one readings are Kenneth Haltman, “Introduction” to American Artifacts, paying careful attention to his description and discussion of Prown’s object analysis assignment and Stephanie Fitzgerald, “The Cultural Work of a Mohegan Painted Basket”. My group is assigned to group two which is the reading by Fitzgerald.

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